Saturday, June 20, 2015

Great tips for Beginner Photographers

I purchased my camera almost a month ago. In the last month I have learned so much on how to work it. Here are some tips on taking some great photos for what I have learned. 

1. Take lots of Photos 
Go to a great spot that is scenic and take lots of pictures. Bring your family or friends. Have fun with it. It's a lot of trial and error.

 Shoot in Raw
Shooting in Raw gives a better photo quality. Also you have control of all of your settings on your camera. You are maximizing your picture quality.

Aperture is a big deal
If you want to take professional pictures. Changing your aperture for your lighting situation.

Watch an Informational video
I watched a video over my model of the Nikon d3200. It was an hour long but it was worth my time. I learned all the functions of the buttons on the camera, and how to work my camera. Here is the link of the video he is a great teacher.
Here is what is in my camera bag

On the left is my double zoom lens 55-200. Right is my Nikon d3200 camera. Then I have an old vintage flash that my dad gave me. I always keep my camera charger with me. Another great tool in jace is a wifi adapter. It lets me see and download my photos to my phone really easy with the Nikon app
 I will be sharing many photos and tutorials on what I learn for taking great photos!

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