Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hair Growth Vitamin Regimen

I was diagnosed with mild alopecia my freshmen year of high school. I had three bald spots and very thin hair. I wanted to strengthen and grow my hair faster because after two years my hair was still thin. So, this March I started taking vitamins because for hair growth. I take biotin because it helps with hair, skin, and nails. I also take the multivitamin because it has vitamin C, D, E, Folate, b12, and many more l. I didn't want to take a handful of pills everyday so I decided on a multivitamin. So far it has been great. I would definitely recommend this vitamin regiment. I will be showing my hair progress. A great tip is to drink a lot of water when taking them because it cleanses your body from toxins because you do not want to break out. Please comment on some other vitamin regimens that work  great. Try vitamins you will begin to love them.

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